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novaPDF Standard 8 Бесплатно FREE (100% discount)


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is a PDF printer for Windows that allows you to easily create 100% industry-standard PDF files (searchable and optionally PDF/A compliant).

You can use novaPDF to print to PDF from the first second after it’s installed without configuring anything. However, even if it’s very easy to create PDFs, it still contains a multitude of features:
  • Bookmarks are recognized and included in the resulting PDF
  • Your PDF can contain active PDF links (clickable)
  • Can be installed and used as a shared network PDF printer
  • You can watermark PDFs with text/images
  • Password protect the PDF or restrict copy/paste
  • Overlay and/or merge PDF files
  • You can create linearized PDF files (optimized for web)
  • Encrypt PDF files with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Upload created PDFs via FTP/SFTP or send via MAPI/SMTP
  • Digitally sign PDF files
  • Create and use private or public printing profiles
  • Monitor printing jobs in real-time
  • Create multiple virtual PDF printers using the same printer driver
  • Add-ins for Microsoft Office for easier PDF conversion
$39.99 Free! (100% off)

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